My parents told me I was diagnosed with CdLS when I was four years old. I got most of the disabilities and struggles that come with CdLS like the health and stomach problems and also a lot of learning problems. At age ten, I also got a g-tube that I still have to this day at age 24. I don't think I would be where I am today without the g-tube. It made me have a better life to this day.
When I was about 13 years old and in the seventh grade, I found skateboarding. It changed my life forever. The minute I saw skateboarding, I fell deeply in love with it. I love the lifestyle and its' culture. I thought to myself that I can't skateboard because I have CdLS and I was different. For the next month or so, all I thought and talked about was skateboarding. After a while, my parents got me my first skateboard. With long practice and dedication, I started learning how to do tricks. That made my love of skateboarding grow stronger and from then on, I knew I wanted to do something with skateboarding. In 2002, I started Suicide Skateboards because of my love for skateboarding. Suicide Skateboards was started with real skateboarders in mind. I strive to bring quality skate products and apparel to people for reasonable prices. Suicide Skateboards is actively involved in the local skate and rock scene and will continue to support the local scene in the future. Suicide Skateboards is about just going out and having fun skateboarding with friends.
In 2004, I got a grant for my business through DORS- Division of Rehabilitative Services from their RISE program (Raising Independence through Self Employment). The RISE program is about giving people with disabilities like myself a shot at their dreams. Currently, I have an on-line store at Also, my products are carried in local skate shops in Salisbury, Maryland and Ocean City, Maryland. Right now, besides working at my skateboard business, I work as a cook at a restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland.
I hope one day to make a big impact upon the skateboard world with my business. I still skateboard every chance I get. I never thought that I would be able to skateboard because I had CdLS and I was different from the other kids. Now I know that no matter what you have, if it is CdLS or something else, if you put your heart and mind in to it, you can do anything! I hope that my story can give other families with kids with CdLS hope.